400th Post – Photo Caption Contest

This is the 400th post here at the Burnt Toast Diner! That means a round of coffee on the house! (But you still have to pay for it.)

Come and join in on the fun! We’re having a Photo Caption Contest to celebrate.

Simply check out the pictures below and send in your caption for them either by commenting or emailing captions@burnttoastdiner.com.

The winner may or may not receive free waffles for life.

Take a look at all the pictures and come up with your funniest and wittiest caption for as many as you can.

Photo #1

Photo #2

Photo #3

Photo #4

Photo #5

Photo #6

Get to it! Post your captions here as comments (make sure to include your name so we can announce the winners). Or email them in to captions@burnttoastdiner.com.

  • Cyyto

    Photo 1: It turns out Mr. Bennet could touch this.

  • hams

    Photo 6…

    Adam: “We weren’t kissing! Honestly! It was CPR!”

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  • Photo 2:
    Maya: “I am sorry Mohinder! Sylar used to LOVE it when I spanked him with my Bat o’ Kinky Fun!”

  • Photo #1
    “Why is my pants on this dancing fool?”

    Photo # 2
    “No Killers Allowed”

    Photo #3
    “Who are these people and why are they standing next to me?”

    Photo #5
    “New rule, All serial killers must be shirtless”

  • Nancy

    Photo 6: “ARE THOSE MEN KISSING?!”

  • photo 3

    Hiro: Must not.. pass out can’t belive I was punched in stomach by a koala.

    Koala: Now it’s the other guy’s turn!

  • #1: The Haitian has fond memories of Bob’s casual Fridays. HRG… doesn’t.

    #2: “Mohinder, I swear, the fly on your face really was the size of a dinner plate.”

    #3: Neither Peter nor Hiro was up to the enormous task of teleporting a koala off of its tree.

    #4: “No Peter, I don’t think we would look better with pretty pink ribbons.”

    #5: If I can’t kill Sylar by shooting him, then I’ll kill him by not shooting him. Genius!

    #6: “Gah! Slashfic writers! Run!”

  • Photo #5:

    Sylar: Like, you look totally cool with that gun, Mr. Glasses! LOL!

    HRG: Why, thank you, Sylar!

  • Sheba98

    Photo #1

    HRG spoke softly to the Haitian, “I told you that the Hammer had super powers. You just would not listen to me when you tried to clean his memories out. Now we have to deal with the dance lessons.”

    The Haitian just smiled, and replied “Can’t touch that.”

  • Photo #4: Peter failing to respect the voice-over.

    Photo #5: “Where’d he go!? He seems to have teleported…but he left his clothes behind…”

  • HogMistress

    Photo #4

    Peter: Nixon for President!

    Elle: Peter, Nixon’s dead.

    Peter: Oh no, our nation has to make the difficult decision for electing someone who has not been President before. Woe is me. Such is Peter.