Shhh! I’m invisible!

I’m Claude Rains the invisible man!:D
(OK so I’m really Tarot but it’s not every day I get to be awesome! See Claude hadda step out for a bit and since folks tend not to notice Tarot, now I’m Claude. Whadda you mean you’re confused?)

Anyway…I had been avoiding the bar, prior to m- that is Tarot’svictory beer,” but then I decided I needed to hang about over there. Since you can’t sit at the bar and not drink, I bought a pint of Guinness. I was enjoying it but I’m afraid I don’t quite have the tolerance I sho-, that is, used to have. I reckon I should be all right so long as I avoid the Roulette table.

I was beginning to think I had the hang of things when this pigeon flew in. I thought I was drunk and hallucinating but, since the other patrons saw the bird too, I knew I must be doing OK. When the pigeon perched on my shoulder, I realized that I knew the bird; it was Clyde, from Clau- I mean my coop. Somehow he found me and didn’t seem to mind how I looked, not that he’d ever seemed to fuss about that before. Truth be told he was more concerned about the lady birds, as I recall. Of course most of the time of late, I had been invisible, so looks didn’t count for much anyroad, with any of the flock.

Well Clyde and me seemed to be getting a bit of attention, although Clyde was being a gentle-bird and not flying about and causing havoc. So I reckoned an exit might be in order but it was the oddest thing. Y’know for some reason I couldn’t seem to go invisible, and I still can’t even now. So, I just finished the pint (or was it 2, or 3 –maybe 4?) and ordered another but I still can’t bloody seem to vanish. Hmm… Maybe I need more beer…

  • The world has gone to the birds!

  • Heidi, you say that like it’s a bad thing! These birds are quite intelligent!

  • True,so very true.

  • ^^
    Glad to see you,……Claude….)))

  • Maria that’s exactly my problem. being seen. Hmmm… Maybe I need some vodka.

  • Maria

    Don`t drink this!Vodka is bad,,
    Especially for you,Claude!

  • Maria, the bar was of it out anyway. Maybe some cognac will do…

  • Maria

    cognac is better then vodka!!!

  • Nice beard there “Claude” my beard is currently setting up its own regime in the middle east.

  • Nathan, ‘ow’d you manage to grow yours? I seem to be ‘avin’ trouble with mine of late. Any tips you could offer would be appreciated.