Feeling, Like, Confused!

Oh my God! Look at me! Am I…checking Maya out? I think I am! Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh! What are thse like, things I’m feeling?! I don’t understand it and it scares me!

Every since I can remember, I’ve loved boys. Their rippling muscles, their chiseled jaws, their rough facial hai. There’s just something that’s so sexy about a strong man!

But now I run into these two! I thought I loved Alejandro, but he totally turned out to be a whiney wimp! But Maya! She’s a sexy vixen, special, AND a killer! Everything that I’ve ever wanted to be! I thought I wanted that in me, but maybe I wanted it in…a woman?

Oh my God, what am I saying?! They say every girly-man has these thoughts some time in his like, life. Where he totally doubts his femininity. But I never thought it would happen to me! Am I destined to be the most flamboyant straight man ever? Like, no, look at that last sentence, I even totally talked like a half-smart man there for a sec! What’s happening to me?!

I like, totally am prolly gonna settle down with a wife (ewwww), have kids (double EWWWWWW), and get a job in construction (ICKY EWWWWWW!!!!!!) I totally need to get my power back and kill Maya before it’s too late and this happens to me!

  • Oh Sybriel! I feel the connection well. And no matter how girly you act, all I see is man when I watch you drive the Nissan around in those wifebeaters. Forgive my impure thoughts! Forgive me Alejandro!!

  • Do not worry Sybriel, this is
    just a yearning to be part of a power couple.
    It is obvious you prefer Alpha to Beta and her brother is Beta. It is not a matter of gender. Rather,you are in love with her power.

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  • We need a name for these two. Mylar? Syla?

  • Mylarjandro

  • em

    Mylar’s taken. The fandom seems to prefer Maylar or Saya.

  • Oh, I like Mylarjandro. It implies the lovely little threesome.

  • Wow, didn’t know you would end up this way.

  • em

    haha, this pairing is my guilty pleasure.

  • Here is a tip to avoid more confusion during the holiday.
    Dean and Deluca are selling Sweet Potato corn soup and some yam/banana dish.
    Some say Yams and Sweet Potatoes are the same. There is a slight difference.