omg i kin like xplode lol!

omg! omg! so much like happened! 1st of all i ran in2 a caveman n 4 once insted of using my brute brain eating strength i used my smarts! yes lol i do haf a lil bit of smarts! i like tipped off ugly fbi chick audrey that ted wuz in town. boy is she ugly lol. i knead 2 give her a makeover but i guess it doesnt help shes trying 2 foil me! so just cuz of that she gets 2 stay ugly lol!

newayz the caveman got captured n i went 2 go kill him in his lil truck. i totally flipped it over like a brain-chip pancake n found caveman in the back lol screaming like a lil sylar wen a doctor puts cold hands on his boobies!

“Who you? Me Ted! Me like fire! Me make fire!” the idiot sayd.

‘i no lol. ive come 2 take ur fire silly!’

i started 2 tear opn his skull.

“What you do? Ted hurt! You hurt Ted! Ted skull opens! Brain out!”

lol caveman made me laugh. 2 bad he had 2 die. i started 2 eat his brain!

“No! No eat Ted brain! Ted need think! Ted no speak without brain!”

caveman stopped talking. omg he wuz dead lol. o well. i had his pwr! i cud like blow things up! i went up 2 a hot rooftop 2 look kool n stuff as i tested out my pwrs. i wuz finlly ready 2 face petey n give him a better haircut. n eat his brain lol how cud i forget about that! n kill a few peeps w/ exploding of course lol.

‘boom lol’ i said w/ glee!

  • and Hiro’s calling me a villian.. HA..If I weren’t such a manly man, that would have hurt my feelings.

  • Oh Sylar,what a wicked scamp you are(and so pretty)

  • LMAO

    you make my stomach hurt in laughing pains.

    just please dont die when you blow up. that would be too tragic. you need to find claire ASAP so that you can regenerate your hot body after you explode

  • I hear that blowing yourself up like that really takes off the pounds.

    Can you let me know how much weight you lose? I’d love to give that diet a try!

    ~ Lana

  • Ted help you make BOOM! Ted no good now. You ated brains of TED.