bcuz i got hi!

omg after all my many adventures im back! itz been 2 long since my last visit n i missed all u guyz! newayz it wuz like time 2 finish the job w/ mohindy n petey! unfortuntly petey seemed 2 b a lil tough 2 kill but i think i got him w/ a nice shard of glass 2 the head lol! good thing i didnt haf 2 fight hand 2 hand i h8 that more then a nancy kerrigan h8s a tonya harding!

but stupid mohindy his treachery nos know bounds! 1st he he had cheating thoughts bhind my back w/ fatty then he tried 2 kill me! so i killed petey n wuz gonna feast on his brain but mohindy hit me w/ his stupid map that has no purpose other then foiling sylarz!

but luckly 4 me it seems liek mohindy still has hella feelings 4 me! we may haf a chance after all! he had me passed out on the grnd n he didnt kill me! i hope he took advantage of me 😉 but i dont think he did hes 2 pristine n pure 4 that wich is wut i luv about him! but since he didnt kill me it must mean he still feels sumthing 4 me write? either that or hes just like totally useless n has no purpose in this plot lol. it may be the 2nd thing actually i dont think he liked that i tried 2 kill his papa 🙁

newayz i didnt get my list (their were prolly many hot boyz on it 🙁 ) but i did get a address 2 that neo hippy latin lovah isaacs house yay! so i went there n totally found him there!

so long story short i got 2 eat sum speshal peep brian yay! i totally giggled as i brutally yet gracefully pulled open skull like a dainty bride opening up a can of tuna 4 her wedding meal dinner w/ a rusty canopener!!!

n now here i am eating his brian 4 dinner. i didnt get it a la mode liek i wanted but i guess it still ok! but his brian kind of tastes funie. oooo im feeling kinda weird hehe like wen i drank my 1st wine cooler but in a diff way! i wish i had sum britney spears 2 listen 2 i kinda feel like dancin n singing hehehe. brb im gon put sum music on…

omg im like sooooo hi! way hier then that time i smoked cat nip 2 try 2 get attn lol! i wanna liek filosophize n junk! so wut do u think is the matrix real? r we rly in the matrix? that wud be like soooo freaky omg! i mean mayb i am agent smith? i do liek killin peeps lol! mayb petey is the 1! i totally took him out im way bettr then agent smith! i liked him better as a elf newayz. elfs are hot espec wen played by orlando bloom omg hes so dreamy. lol look at me im rambling! i guess i better go im prty messed up! ill tty guys lata!

  • If Mohinder has feelings for you, I wish he would commit himself to you. I didn’t like the way he was stroking my brother’s hair.

  • Why can’t you use your powers for good? Remember, goodness and justice shall always prevail!

  • I was SO CLOSE to having Mohinder in my arms! And then… I got Probed. (;_;)

    Oh God, it was horrible. I might be Metro’d next. (;_;) THE HORROR!

    ~ Lana