i feel pretty!

so mr glasses is starting to be a lil nicer to me. he talks to me, u know, and takes notes. he wuz even on the brink of opening up to me! and just yesterday he took me on a trip to get my nails done and i did and they looked like amazing! then he made me wear a suit, wich i didnt really like, but i spent my time looking @ my nails (and eating kiddie brainz here and there).

the other day he said i could do anything, anything i wanted, so i told him i wanted to put on a play of west side story! i didnt expect mr glasses to say yes but he did, and i was like omg! i always wanted 2 be in that play in hs 2 play maria, but i didnt get the part. i even auditioned in disguise as syndy, but i still didn’t get it even tho they totally thought i was a grl! oh well i still got to be one of the pretty dancers on the rooftop for america! look here i am.

i want 2 be in america
ok by me in america
everythings free in america
for a small fee in amerrrrica!

lol arent i great! so anyways, 2day we got to do it and i like FINALLY got 2 play maria. i looked hot! good thing i killed that girl eden or she may have taken the part from me lol! but there were no worries, cuz she was dead. there was this guy named rufus, he played tony. he wuz kinda nasty, but it was ok, at least i got sum action!

mr glasses was the cop officer krupke. hes like always on a power trip lol even in my stage plays! the scury haitian man wuz bernardo. he didnt play a very good shark cuz he didnt talk. all our scenes together were like VERY awkward.

But I love Tony!


Stop yelling at me Bernardo, you can’t stop our love for each other!


neways i got to sing ‘i feel pretty’ and i really did! everyone wuz real happy for me, i could tell, especially when i had my big moment during that song!

i feel pretty, oh so pretty, i feel pretty and witty and brite! lol i don’t no about those last 2 but i was def very pretty. the scury haitian man wuz smiling at me agin in my dress, altho he wuz more smiling at my generated cleavage, omg! but neways, id say the play wuz a success! every1 seemed to have a good time even mr glasses! he wuz taking notes by the end tho. gosh y does he have to be such a nerd, he culd be so hott!

neways, ill be out of this place soon mark my words! all this dress making and musicals have been real fun, but i sure do miss my brain eating! ttyl!

  • How does it feel being upstaged by a mute, Gabriel? Maybe you should go back to making watches, oh, I’m sorry, time pieces.

  • Dude….dude!!!

  • How does it feel being upstaged by a mute, Gabriel? Maybe you should go back to making watches, oh, I’m sorry, time pieces.
    *sarcastic* Funny dad

  • How perverted that Haitian is! But he’s not so bad looking either…Maybe he’ll bust me out of this joint and we can run off together!