Shhhh! THEY are listening. Trust no one! Not even Steven. Least of all Steven!

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They Blowed Me Up!!

It’s true! I predicted it too!!!! Some of you may remember my investigative report on Xploding Xboxes. We all know that an Xbox is less of a gaming console and more a computer designed to….

Your Xbox Wants to Kill You!!!!!!

Those of you fortunate enough to be living on EARTH (the greatest planet in the world!!!) may have heard of a little thing called the Xbox 360! Maybe you even received one for Hanukkah, or….

Little Threat!

It’s me Hana again! I have to warn you about Linderman!!! He’s planning something! And if Star Wars has taught us anything, it’s that when old, evil people plan, it’s not good for anyone! What’s….

New Threat: Nerds!!

It is sad, but true! Nerds are the new threat to our existence!!! Just look at them with their provocative stances, their true strength disguised by their weak-looking exterior! They must be stopped!!! I have….

THEY are among us!!!

Have you ever wondered why public figures always say the same thing? They’re not scripted, they’re programmed! That’s right!! The famous people we see and hear are merely robo-decoys! The real, authentic celebrities are hidden….

Road Trip!

Things haven’t gone as planned! I wish I could blame them, but this may be one thing they didn’t have a hand in. Ted was driving!! And he passed Odessa! Now we’re in Midland, but….

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