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Treu Lvoe

I dno’t think taht I cuold hvae ever geussed waht wuold come form my uwnanted juorney to Arfica. Teh siprit wlaking was a pian. Teh draem food was digsusting. I was strating to think taht….

Hihg Five, Trutle!

Atfer a raelly long spirit wlak and spirit filght, I finally arrvied back in the good UA of S. It was a crazy jrouney, but one taht gave me a new prupose in life: romacning….

Visoin Qeust Crues Dlyexsia!

I hate walking. Hate it! It ranks up there with Oompa Loompahs and vegetables. So narturally, I was annoyed when Mr. Arfican Cheif with a Stick says to me, “You must spirit walk.” Couldn’t we….

Fnu wiht teh Ladeis

Bieng snigle now has been graet. Btu I hvaen’t had a cahnce to raelly ejnoy it, waht wiht all teh wolrd-svaing I do. Mhoinder wsa agianst me dtaing. He siad I shuold hlod uot for….


I was tyrign to sotp by the brunt taost dnier eralier, btu I cuoldnt. They got me at tihs Preimatcech Pppaer palce and they wont let me go. I had to brieb the secruity gaurd….

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