Mohinder Suresh

Mohinder Suresh is a geneticist and taxi driver from India. He has continued his father's research into the cutting edge of human evolution. So committed to the research was Mohinder that he used himself as a human test subject. Now he has inhuman strength and agility.

Posts by Mohinder Suresh

Argumentum ad Ignorantiam

It has been posited to me on several occasions that I, a professor of profundity, have ceased to exist. “Where’s Dr. Suresh,” the curious coeds at the university where I thought often inquire. My answer….

A Cruel and Unusual Twist of Fate

Curse the Heavens! Whilst I found myself distracted by one of life’s many subplots, like a canine in pursuit of his own posterior, Destiny made its move on Molly. Like a fool, I was gleefully….

Bucket of Fried Destiny

What is destiny but a series of choices? When Fate rudely presses our spirit against a metaphorical wall, a wall likely made of brick if said wall was of the literal variety, we find ourselves….

Solitaire with Peter

At first glance one would surely arrive at the assumption that my life is currently devoid of fortune. And while it would most definitely be true that it is quite unfortunate to be in my….

My Father’s Waffles

My Father. As I speak the words I still mourn his death. Is it not man’s very nature to mourn what it can no longer have in this life? One does not miss what they….

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