Mr. Bennet

I'm a mysterious man in horn-rimmed glasses. I like shooting people and protecting my family. You can read my old blog at here.

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An Adventure in Time

Well, I’m a grandfather. I tried my darnedest to protect my little Claire Bear from two things in this world: death and boys. I guess I failed at both, but the good news is I….

Glasses vs Glasses

Renautas made a critical mistake. They showed their hand. That’s Primatech 101: Always operate in the shadows. As far as the world knew, I was just a simple paper salesman. In reality, I was one….

It’s All Downhill From Here

As I went ’round and ’round the merry-go-round, I was barely able to muster a facade of unenthusiastic happiness. All joy had been sucked out of my life as the reporters descended onto this dirty….

The Good Ol’ Days

I remember a time when life just seemed worth living. Hell, even death seemed worth living. Every week it seemed like something interesting was going on in my life. Now, though, things are….unusual. Claire went….

Past Teacups

As I’ve said countless times, people are fragile like teacups. Nobody seems to listen to me, though. And these teacup people keep shattering all around me. Sure, usually it’s me doing the shattering, but still,….

Raising a Teacup

Is it bad parenting if the kid ends up dead? Yesterday I would have said, “Of course!”, but today I’m thinking, “Well, it really depends on the circumstances of the child’s death.” You see, before….

My New Job

My job search wasn’t going very well. It seemed I kept becoming distracted by YouTube videos of cats. “Wow, I never realized the Internet could be used for so much more than stalking,” I said….

Filling a Void

“But if I can’t shoot people,” I thought out loud, “how can I be happy? I realized that the world was missing something. There just wasn’t enough good in the world, and perhaps part of….

Youthful Experimentation

I went to college, too, you know. And if there’s one thing I remember it’s that college is a place for experimenting. I’m reminded of my good friend Melvin, and the nights we used to….

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