Party Vibes

Brad had invited me to a party at his house and I knew Emily was going to be there so I figured why not… I might as well go….. I’ll get to spend more time with her. My only concern was getting away from my mother. I mean she still doesn’t want me going out and risking any chance of exposing myself…..Little does she know my two actual friends know my secret and aren’t going to tell a soul…..well I certainly hope not….

My mom  had wondered where I was going because I was dressed all nice. All nice for teenager that is……I had managed to make my mom think it was just to play video games with Brad but in reality it was to go to my first actual party since moving to this town . All I had to do was get out of this house and get the booze which would be easy enough know that Emily and I had figured out how to control my teleportation. I got into an argument about going out with my mother…..why does she try to ruin any fun I have? I mean I am just trying to be like any normal teenager and have some fun instead of “being grounded” she calls it. I decided she couldn’t stop me and what little freedom I had and teleported myself in the hallway past her and walked out the door.

I had to head to the liquor store before going over to Brad’s because I was in charge of the booze for the party since no one else could legally get it. All I had to do was think about it appearing in my hands and *poof* it would happen.  I thought about what types of alcohol I wanted….various liquor appeared in my hands which I put in a backpack. I continued walking and just acted like nothing happened. A woman stared at me for a moment before just going about her business.That was close……I got to Brad’s and knocked on the door to which Brad answered

“Dude you came!”

“Of course I did”

“Did ya get it?” he asked, eyeing the backpack that to his excitement looked full.

“Yes I did.” I handed it to Brad

“Good man.”  Brad took the bag into the house to start serving out the drinks

Yeah…’re welcome….not like I expected a thank you to begin with……I mean it would of be nice after practically exposing myself just so we all could get drunk and forget about the worries of high school on top of the added pressure of not outing myself to anyone else. 

“Everyone I’d just like to thank my good friend Tommy for managing to supply this party with its beverages. I know we have had our differences but I’m glad we have become friends” said Brad while giving  me that look that said trust me your secret is safe with me.

HEROES REBORN -- "Under the Mask" Episode 103 -- Pictured: (l-r) Robbie Kay as Tommy, Jake Manley as Brad -- (Photo by: Ian Watson/NBC)

A few hours and a few drinks later….. I caught myself staring at Emily…..but I wasn’t trying to make it to obvious. God Emily is so beautiful with her brown wavy short hair….Her beautiful eyes always so attentive so ….dare I say sexy looking…..watching everything trying to take as much in as possible ….Is she even drunk? Had she taken any drink of the alcoholic beverage I brought her? I couldn’t tell if her eyes had that glossy look about them that usually occurred while indulging in adult  beverages.

HEROES REBORN -- "Under the Mask" Episode 103 -- Pictured: Gatlin Green as Emily -- (Photo by: Ian Watson/NBC)


Some time seemed to pass before I decided to get some fresh air and noticed Emily outside as well . Don’t slur your words Tommy I reminded myself. Emily and I always have the nicest chats. I noticed my mother talking to some guy in a car when she hurried me into the car…….. away from Emily….. right when I was about to try to kiss her too….

HEROES REBORN -- "Under the Mask" Episode 103 -- Pictured: (l-r) Gatlin Green as Emily, Robbie Kay as Tommy -- (Photo by: Ian Watson/NBC)


We were driving down the road unusually fast. Great we are gonna pick up and leave again. I cant afford to lose Brad ……and Emily……..was the last thought going through my head as our car was hit and flipped over.