“Cockroach” what an unusual password to get into these things .I don’t understand why i keep going to these meetings….. These” EVO support group”…… type……things…..They don’t seem to be helping me come any closer about understanding why i was given this curse.  I am currently wanted in three states so I’m currently using a different name.I just wanted to learn how to control it…. Thankfully my mother had texted me wondering where i was because then i rushed to hop on the bus to get home.

I had school the next morning  yet here i was always staring at the beautiful Emily…even if she was seeing Brad who could be the biggest jerk ever. I cant believe i almost lost control and made him disappear.I couldn’t risk all the hard work my mother and i had been doing just because i couldn’t learn how to control this.

I have been getting the feeling that i have been being followed lately. It seems  like someone is either watching me from afar. I just gotta be careful because for all i know whomever or whatever is watching me  could end up outing me to the government or any of the EVO hunters that like do hunt us down. It’s like i have some form of guardian angel because i managed to just leave the meeting just before everyone died in that fire…. even Coach Lewis. I could of easily been killed in that fire……..

I also managed to get that job at Moe’s… thanks to Emily so i can help out my mother. I walked out of my interview looking around when i saw one of the guys from that meeting i went to in Chicago at the church. Someone else survived besides me….was what was running through my head……The guy seemed confused until a woman walked up…..

“Why don’t you come out back?” showing me her gun hidden in her jacket

“Ok” i said as calmly as possible following her and the man out through the back door. Don’t draw any unusual attention to yourself. 

I remember the man and the woman saying something….. then everything seemingly moving in slow-motion as I heard “Tommy!!!!” coming from Emily and watching the woman pull out a gun to shoot her.

I thought of the place i used to be taken to when i was younger….as i touched the woman and man. She disappeared……followed by the man.


I just stared at Emily and thought to myself  Oh no…..why did she have to follow me out to the back of Moe’s. Is she gonna out me to the authorities……the government…….? I started running home mentally preparing myself to pack up and move again.




Emily was following me home trying to get me to talk .I cant tell her anymore because i cant risk hurting her and putting her in danger……oh wait she was and then i made those two go *poof*  as long as  they don’t try finding me or her again. How did they find me to begin with ? was the more important question running through my head. Emily told me that my secret was safe with her and she would help me discover more about my curse who knows maybe it wouldn’t be if i could control it.

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The next day I showed Emily how it felt to touch something that disappeared then Brad cornered me and took me to his house.

I have no idea why I couldn’t make Brads alcoholic stepdad disappear. I never even got to meet my father or . He had just left when i was to young to remember maybe that’s the reason i freaked out when i heard a door shut and left as quickly as I could. Maybe it was because I couldn’t face Brad maybe because i felt like to much of a coward  to upset since i didn’t know where things disappeared to once i touched them and wanted them to disappear.

“Dude, you’re my homie,” Brad said.

“I wasn’t sure what a homie was, but I smiled and nodded.

Brad threw his arm around my shoulders.  “We’re going to be just like Mario and Luigi! I’m not so sure this is a good idea.  Luigi never gets the princess.


I don’t get why i seem to worry so much about where the things i make disappear to. I guess this might be an aspect of me coming into my ability while being a moody hormonal teenager……..

I had managed to make things…..sometimes even people…… disappear. The part of having this curse is having no idea what exactly happens when they disappear. I am glad I can confide in Emily and know Brad to keep my secret safe. I wonder who i got those mysterious texts from.

She was scooping ice cream all sexy like, and I was in love.  This was my chance to tell her how I felt about her.  “I,” my voice cracked.  She stared at me waiting.  I took a breath and tried to finish my thought, “…like ice cream.”  Okay, maybe I’ll tell her some other time.

“Oh,” she replied. “That’s cool.”

I’m glad me and Emily figured out how  to control my powers while cleaning up the ice cream shop by finding the flower in the ice cream. Wherever I am thinking of before I touch the said object is where they will disappear to.