Early Morning

It wasn’t odd for me to wake up somewhere new. I have done that it too many times to count. This morning when I woke up, I realized I was in someone’s living room. The room was very brightly lite. I could see the morning sun peeking in though the shades.

I sat up from the couch and began to ponder what bloody happen the night before. I remember going to a pub. I walked in there looking for some dough. I need some money and place was like a bank with free beer.

My first withdraw was from a young lad trying to hit on some gal. He was trying his best to get her attention. He was using the most pathetic pick up lines on her. With the lines he was using, a caveman couldn’t get some action. I made fifty bucks off lover boy.

After making some dough. I picked up my first pint of beer. I was quite the happy lad. The last thing I remember was wondering around outside in the cold air.

Trying to put the pieces together from a night is quite hard. I looked around the flat to see if anything jogged my poor memory. The flat was quite nice so I figure that this person must not be too hard up for money. Looking around the room, a piece of paper caught my eye.

On the paper, there was a short note:


I will be back soon. Make yourself comfortable. Will be back soon.


Then it dawned on me. I realize me and her have the world to save.

  • The pressure is on…I can’t wait to see how you do it. I have a feeling I will be dead no matter what..Look out for Pete if I don’t make it.

  • Claude, do you need anything while I’m out?

    Nathan, all I can say is watch your back, not everyone is who they seem to be. Try asking folks something only you and they know; that’s better than any standard ID test.

  • Claude, dude you really have vanished. What is up with that?