crime fighting adventure force!!!

r team is formed! the crime fighting adventure force!!! lol! xcept we dont rly adventure…we just look 4 peeps 2 kill. n we dont rly fight crime. we kinda R crime. i guess were kind of a force tho. a force 2 be reckoned w/!!!! :giggles madly: newayz heres r theme song that i just came up w/

were the crime fighting adventure force!
wen we speek r code is morse!
guess wut shud always b the main course?
brainz! even if their from a horse!

lol rnt i clever! i can rhyme! newayz in case u havent herd r force consists of my crazy bff niki/jess n the silly door 2 door salesman of god jeremy. we r on a mission 2 kill simon! he is totally a muslim! (or at least thats wut jeremy thinks lol). newayz b4 we went after them we figured we shud get sum practice so we went out!

we were at the liquor/bibles store wich ironically sold the things both my partners kneaded! thank goodness 4 new mexico n there liquor/bible stores! newayz we stepped outside and looked dwn at the ground. we all looked at each othr n realized we had r first target! n hear he wuz!

Jeremiah: Look, he’s praying to Mecca! Die, heathen!

silly jeremy lol such a go getter! he pulled out his m16 and fired a shot into the bums leg! good thing he didnt kill him we all kneaded sum practice!

the bum roused groggily n got up. he didnt seem 2 feel the pain lol. newayz niki/jess punched him a couple times n he fell dwn lol! her training wuz going well! she dragged him up off the ground.

Niki/Jess: There was nothing I hated more than to see a filthy old drunkie, a-howling away at the filthy songs of his fathers and going blurp blurp in between as if it were a filthy old orchestra in his stinking rotten guts. I could never stand to see anyone like that, especially when they were old like this one was.

me!: who r u tlking 2?

Jeremiah: She is narrating, obviously. Haven’t you ever narrated anything?

i had know idea wut he wuz tlking about. newayz! niki hit the bum agin n he went sprawling on the ground.

me!: my turn my turn!

i raised my hand 2 mind trick him.

Niki/Jess: No! This is a test of strength! No powers!

the bum got up slowly. i raised my hands in a catlike stance. i clawed! meow! the bum wuz unaffected. he punched me! ow! i wuz takin a lot of abuse this week! he punched me agin! i fell down. i wuz hurt! i crawled into a ball n took his pummelings! i started 2 cry. it wuz like high skool all ovr again! newayz i got kinda fed up n looked up at him n force broke his neck. he fell dwn n i giggled thru my tears!

Niki/Jess: Well, then. I guess we’ll steer clear of any use of physical abilities from you.

me!: yup!

newayz i got up n brushed myself off! r test had been passed w/ flying colors lol! now that we had r practice it wuz time 2 find simon! we wud be like charlies angels lol!

  • How’s your lip healing?

  • Em

    That’s very…um…interesting! May I ask, where are you finding the time in all this to kill Peter? (Oh, and can you let him go?)

  • Your post reminds me not to poop facing Mecca

  • Niki?! What are you doing?!?!?!?!?!?!