would u like some brains with ur coffee??

look its me! so i found this lil diner out here in texas and its pretty nice! i had one of the waitresses take my pic. guess the lighting wuznt very good lol. anywayz, this place has good coffee and i found this lil comp with this lil blog to post my thoughts and leave my mark on this place. well i’m sure i’ll be leaving my mark one way or another, the other way prolly being through murder and brain eating lol!

so im on my way to odessa texas to find some cheerleader. she is special like me so im going to eat her brain to become even MORE special!!! her name is like jackie or sumthing. ive been trying to talk to her on myspace but she wont reply to me. i guess shes a lil stuck up, she IS a cocaptain of the cheerleaders. i always wanted to be a cheerleader in hs but they always just laughed at me so munching on jackies brain will be extra sweet!!!

but before i go there i have some biz to take care of here! im sitting here drinking my coffee staking out this waitress charlie. she was on chandy’s list she has some sort of specialness in her! i gotta wait til shes alone cuz i dont want all theze peeps to know who i am.

shes been flirting with some nerdy azn guy and his friend. shes way out of his league, shes so pretty i dont know why shes wasting her time on him! she must see sumthin in him that i dont. actually now that i think of it, he is pretty cute. omg am i jealous of her?? aaaaarch! oh well just one more reason to eat her brian lol.

will she ever be alone?? i’m getting like real hungry. im really starting to like these brians. at first i thought they were kind of icky but now theyre growing on me! just like in hs when i couldnt stand beer at first but then going to all sorts of kickin parties i started to like them! ive started eating even regular brains just cuz they taste so good

h/o she just went in the back brb!

ok im back but not for long! i just followed her to the back and used my super mind trick to chop off the top of her head. oh the reaction on her face was priceless i almost roflmao. then i ate her brian real quick but now i gotta get out of here before they realize what ive done! i mean i have like little pieces of brain on my face. im outta here ttyl!

  • ‘super mind trick’ lmao, I like it, it has a nice ring to it. “I killed 64 people with my sweet super mind trick” 🙂

  • Wow * back away slowly*

    Dental for all.

    Dr.Polaris rules.

  • Enjoy it while you can. Your brain-eating days are numbered.

  • You sick bastard, you’ll never take my powers!

  • See, I knew the deaths were all connected!! You killed Charlene Andrews!

  • lol yes. now i can member things

  • Oh, no! How will we ever stop you? You’re so powerful. You can remember stuff! Noooooo!

    Well, remember this: You’re gonna get pwned, n00b!

  • Dude, You are One Sick Pervert! you make Hannibal Lecter Look Like Dr. Phil.

  • Word, Claire.

    Wait, did I just say “Word”?!?