An Adventure in Time

Well, I’m a grandfather. I tried my darnedest to protect my little Claire Bear from two things in this world: death and boys. I guess I failed at both, but the good news is I….

Single Life

Maybe if I would have thrown the trash more often. Maybe if I didn’t let the dishes pile up. Who knows, really? Women are hard. That’s the advice I would have given my son if….

Glasses vs Glasses

Renautas made a critical mistake. They showed their hand. That’s Primatech 101: Always operate in the shadows. As far as the world knew, I was just a simple paper salesman. In reality, I was one….

Party Vibes

Brad had invited me to a party at his house and I knew Emily was going to be there so I figured why not… I might as well go….. I’ll get to spend more time….

Everything’s Fine

“What? No, everything is fine,” I said to my lovely and charming wife. “I asked who do you want to kill next,” she said. “Honestly, Luke. Where is your head? I’m starting to think you’re….

A Message from the CEO

Hello. I am Erica Kravid, CEO of Renautus, empowered female and bicycling enthusiast. And I’m here to say that I’m just like you, give or take $2.7 billion. I am not some monster, as certain….

You’re All Dead!

You can run, sure. Some of you can even run really fast, but you can’t hide. Okay, yeah, there’s that invisible guy, but the rest of you can’t hide! And we’re coming for you! My….


“Cockroach” what an unusual password to get into these things .I don’t understand why i keep going to these meetings….. These” EVO support group”…… type……things…..They don’t seem to be helping me come any closer about understanding….

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