Our Grand Re-Opening!

Hey, everyone! I’m the chef of this here establishment. I know I don’t blog as much as these other freaks, er, I mean folks. Truth is I prefer a griddle to a keyboard, but I….

It’s All Downhill From Here

As I went ’round and ’round the merry-go-round, I was barely able to muster a facade of unenthusiastic happiness. All joy had been sucked out of my life as the reporters descended onto this dirty….

The Good Ol’ Days

I remember a time when life just seemed worth living. Hell, even death seemed worth living. Every week it seemed like something interesting was going on in my life. Now, though, things are….unusual. Claire went….

Past Teacups

As I’ve said countless times, people are fragile like teacups. Nobody seems to listen to me, though. And these teacup people keep shattering all around me. Sure, usually it’s me doing the shattering, but still,….


今日は、皆さん。お元気ですか。たくさん間違いをしました、でも今はだいじょうぶです。今日はスケークロと一緒にアルカンじょうに行きます。マジクカーペットを乗ったり、ワツサン先生を助けたり。じゃね! -ひろ (hiro) Hi. This is Ando. Hiro has been having a very bad time. His brain tumor must have gotten bigger because he has been doing many strange things. Hiro wanted to leave a message….

No run away to join circus! Really!

i tired of hanging out around carnival. carnie very strange people. there one person here able to breathe fire. also, he no have teeth. he burn them all away. evil butterfly man put me to….

stepping on too many bad butterfly

hello. how everybody doing? this week i go save charlie-san. she work in diner in texas. when i teleport-o to texas and look in diner, old lady come up and talk to me. “cute-o butt”….

Raising a Teacup

Is it bad parenting if the kid ends up dead? Yesterday I would have said, “Of course!”, but today I’m thinking, “Well, it really depends on the circumstances of the child’s death.” You see, before….

Happy Halloween from the Unloved Carnie

I really need to escape this place. It’s Halloween and I’m forced to do manuel labor and bond over food as we worship the blueberry Waffle Gods. This isn’t a carnival haven for people with….

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